Steens Mountain Guest Ranch

 to Steens Mountain Guest Ranch seated at the base of the breathtaking Steen Mountains in Diamond Valley, Southeastern Oregon. We invite you to experience the life of the true cowboy on this family-operated working guest ranch, where you will see and live the life of a buckaroo firsthand.  At other resorts or vacation parks you’re merely a guest; not at Steens Mountain Guest Ranch. Here, we define “guest” in our own unique way—you become a part of our cowboy crew as soon as you set foot on our beautiful Pacific Northwest soil. And for the next few days you live and breathe, eat and sleep, and fully enjoy the sought-after life that made the American West famous.


We offer our guests a unique, intimate, authentic cowboy experience where you’ll get the individual attention and experiences you’re looking for. Side by side with us, you will taste firsthand the ranching and cowboy life, where the unpredictability of working with both beast and nature in the raw will uncover feelings and abilities you didn’t realize you possessed. You’ll discover or re-discover the thrill and wonder of wide open spaces and down-to-earth living, and you’ll be awestruck by the natural Oregon beauty all around you.

 Whether you’re gathering cattle off the mountain, gazing into the heavens while at cow camp, lending a hand with the cooking, or working on horsemanship, the adventure of cowboy living comes to life at Steens Mountain Guest Ranch like it can nowhere else. We invite you to come to Oregon’s “buckaroo country,” join our crew, and have a one-of-a-kind adventure experiencing the true cowboy way of life!