Tim and Susan, thank you so much for having Jess and I out to the Guest Ranch. We had a great time. I especially enjoyed making the rope and food was fabulous and I could still walk the next day after riding 12 miles.

– Jen Hoke, Burns, OR – Chamber of Commerce Director – August 2012

My daughter and I, set out for the Steens Mt Guest Ranch from Bend.
Once, there we met Tim and his wife, Susan, their dog and mama cat. We also, met, Mary, the 90 year old owner and friend. What a sweet character. I could have stayed there all day listening to her stories. Although we had no cell phone service we were able to use their house phone or email if we needed it. It was nice to “unplug” for a few days.
Monday­We saddled up “Nueve” for me and “Little Britches” for Teresa. We rode out to work on a rock wall and rock “crib” (fence end). Once that was done, Tim created a gate from a Juniper branch that Susan and I had cut off. The weather was hot and between that and the high elevation, I got whoosy and needed to take it easy. Teresa, on the other hand was a trooper and kept going and going.
After that, we rode over to the Kiger Canyon, while checking fences and eventually made our way back to the house. Got a pina colada smoothie (non­alcohic, of course), which was very refreshing. We also snacked on grapes and muffins. Yumm!
As no time is ever wasted on this ranch, Tim also worked on shoeing one of the horses before we headed out the next day. We ate delicious stew with fresh bread for dinner.
Tuesday­Got up at 6 am. After an early breakfast of pancakes and eggs, we headed up Kiger Canyon. We saw sage hens, coyotes, an eagle, and many quail. On the way to our overnight “cow camp”, we stopped at an old cabin made of tin from the early 1900’s and had lunch. So cool and creative! …….From there we we herded the cows that we found along the way and eventually we made it to the cow camp and started prepping for dinner. You sure do work up an appetite out here! After eating we sat around the fire and told super funny stories­­­Tim is a HOOT!
Wednesday­After rounding up the cow herd, we went up and down canyons again and eventually headed down a dirt road. Teresa was smart and used a bandana over her face before the dust got too bad, but we all ended up with dark brown faces! We stopped for a snack/lunch and dropped the herd off the the pasture they needed to be at, then headed slowly back to the house. We “logged” approximately 8 hours in the saddle that day. Back at the house, we wobbled off the horses, got them unsaddled and stumbled into the house for more smoothies­Yumm! We got showered and relaxed just in time for taco chip bowls for dinner­­­hearty and tasty! Teresa played her mandolin and showed off her handmade boots while we chatted. Tim estimated that in the three days we were there we rode about 33 miles on horseback—not too bad for us “City slickers” who have never rode more that an hour or two max!
Thursday morning­We said a sad farewell to our great new friends! Thank you, Susan and Tim, for a memorable adventure. Can’t wait until next year with my husband, too!

– Dianne and Teresa Scott, Bend, OR – Authentic Cowboy Experience September, 2012

We came to Steens Mountain Guest Ranch for a four­hour trail ride. We had a wonderful experience here. Susan and Tim are the most gracious hosts. We enjoyed the trail ride for many reasons. The countryside is breathtaking. The horses we were riding were well­trained, well­cared for and easy to ride. After the ride, we shared a delicious meal. Our overnight accommodations in their beautiful little lodge were very comfortable. We enjoyed every aspect of this visit. Most important, Susan and Tim are such kind, lovely, creative people. They made us feel completely at home on their unique ranch.

-Alexa MacDonald Oak Grove, OR and Kathy Hope – April 2016

Susan and Tim provide a truly unique experience that is both relaxing and invigorating. The food is delicious, the horses are great and the scenery is beautiful. One night in not enough! I’ll definitely be back for a Kiger Mustang Experience. Thank you for your gracious hospitality and a fabulous experience!

-Morgan Greenwoood, Eugene, OR – April, 2016 – Mirgratory Bird Festival

Our “Birding on horseback” adventure was marvelous. After a friendly family dinner and a good night’s sleep, we set out up a dry wash to a high sagebrush plateau for birding. The horses we rode were calm and capable. We enjoyed hearing meadowlarks and seeing hawks and a falcon. The views are superb up on the plateau. This experience met our high expectations and we leave knowing we want to come back.

-Sally Lawrence, Bellevue, Washington, April, 2016 – Migratory Bird Festival

I really enjoyed the chance to enter an interesting world of horses, trails, clouds, and wide open spaces. Tim and Susan were welcoming from the moment we walked in and made us feel at home. It was hard to leave.

-Dan Glaze, Sacramento, CA June 2016 -Trail Ride/Lodging Guest

I loved the country and the privilege of living in a ranch home for a few nights. Riding horses was an special treat. Seeing the mustangs, the wide views and canyons. We could never have had this experience without Tim and Susan.

-Beth Glaze, Sacramento, CA – June, 2016 Trail Ride/Lodging Guest